Online Shopper

Online Shopper is a simple online tool that can make your car-buying experience smoother than ever before! The Online Shopper tool asks for some basic information that will simplify your dealership visit when you come in:


1. Who You Are: Information such as your ZIP code, your name, and your credit situation.

2. Driving Habits: Information about how much you drive each year.

3. Trade In: Information regarding your trade-in vehicle, if applicable.

4. Rebates: The Online Shopper database will search for all applicable rebates for the vehicle you’re interested in.

5. Payment Options: Information regarding other incentives that can further lower the price of the vehicle.

6. Review: Review and finalize all information.


After completing all six steps, all you need to do is schedule when you want to come by and pick up your new vehicle! If you’re already pre-approved, you can even choose to sign and drive your new vehicle home right then and there!

Find your new Nissan vehicle and use Online Shopper to save you time today!