Oil Change Service

Stadium Nissan Oil Change

We at Stadium Nissan are proud to offer our customers a special offer on our AdvantageCare service for only $99. What’s more, we also do a complimentary 27 point vehicle inspection to catch any potential problems with your car before they turn into massive headaches with large repair bills. We have a free shuttle service so you can make it to work or anywhere you need to be while we take care of your vehicle.

Why Is It Important To Get An Oil Change

Fresh oil in your vehicle is important because as oil runs through parts of your engine, it not only lubricates them, but also acts as a cooling agent to prevent it from overheating. As time goes and and oil is exposed to air, moisture, and heat, it becomes less effective and begins an oxidation process. This causes oil to thicken and turn into “sludge”. Once your oil has become sludge, it can no longer do its job of protecting your engine from dirt, and friction.