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Yelp Feb 14, 2018

A little warning. If youve never been to their car service one thing you should know is to stay in your car until someone comes in to help you. I didnt know this and I thought I was being ignored and so I went up to ask somebody. Maybe thats one thing they should fix. A simple "someone will come and take care of you" would have been nice.OTHER THAN THAT, I was helped by a very nice gentleman named Art. He was simply professional and took care of me even more than I expected. I went in there for a re-call and he advised me to get some things fixed before my warranty expired and I absolutely appreciated that he did that for me. He didnt have too but he did and im grateful for it. Thank You Art. So he took my car in and Nissan was able to give me a ride to my job which again, Really appreciated the hospitality of it all. This was my first time here and I highly recommend it. They washed my car and vacuumed it as well. Awesome job guys. Thanks a million and Art, I will keep in touch. Thanks a thousand times. I feel like I have a brand new car with the fixes you helped me get. Thank You.

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Google Feb 12, 2018

Alexander and his 2 Friday Team: Angie and Jose were AMAZING!!!They were very professional!, friendly and the promising time to get by car done and out in plenty of time to get to my next appointment with NO RUSH! THANKS everyone. Have a GREAT WEEKEND. SATISFIED CUSTOMER ?

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